Sunday, May 2, 2010

CCA Graduate Thesis 2010

I am excited about the CCA Graduate Thesis night on campus on May 6 ( located at 1111 8th st. in San Francisco, CA) for a giant reception for the MFA class ahead of me. The school is organized enough to have put previews of all the work online here. It is an exceptionally big class, making for an exceptionally big reception, along with the Curatorial Practice Department in the Wattis on campus to round it out to a gigantic show. Here are a few selected images from some artists I like from their class. All info and images are available in the above link. Why are my favorites all female? The men had better take notice!

Rebecca Najdowski
Carmen Winant
Sun`e Woods
Sidney Russell
Brigid Mason

Congrats MFA Class of 2010!

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