Monday, April 26, 2010

CCA Spring Fair

If you are like me and enjoy collecting art but have an annual budget of about $20 for your collection, your options can be limited to thrift store finds, things found on the street, or some art trades if you are lucky to have anyone who wants to trade with you. (I have actually scored some great art by trading drawings with talented artists like Hilary Pecis). However, I have also landed some awesome finds at CCA's Spring and Fall Fairs, where current students and alumni invite the public to peruse their wares amid the lush greenery of the Oakland campus on Broadway and College Ave. This weekend I spent a lovely afternoon looking for a couple prints to add to my home gallery of art I practically robbed from students.

The scene.
Some jazz tunes.
I found these cool terrariums by Martha; check out her blog.
So pretty! Prices ranged from $10ish-20ish.
I fell in love with this "Foster Monster Orphanage"; check out their website.
I was totally on the fence about buying this painting in the middle for $20. I mean, the landscape-turned ice monster is great enough, but it also had sequins! So awesome, but would it go with my IKEA-themed apartment? I got the info in case I felt I needed it later.
Some jewelry and baked goods.
Nathan Ring ceramics. These bowls were labeled $2-3! Those are the deals I'm talking about.

I was talking to Mick Farrell and totally forgot to take some pics of his awesome prints. I found Mick and Sam (below) on CCA's Printmaking gallery pages here.
Sam Handleman's prints were great and the perfect price for me.
Some of Sam's prints.
I knew I had seen this one somewhere- it was in a show at the Pretty Penny and I liked it then. I was so happy to be able to buy it for $10! Steal!
I also got this nice one on grey paper for $5. A crime. My taste is so predictable- something dark, figurative, and beautiful and I'll be happy. My collection just got a little bigger. Thanks Sam!

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