Sunday, May 30, 2010

Virtual LA Trip

I just got back from a trip to the mountains and I will be leaving to go on another one to visit the family. That means all my days not traveling are spent worn out and not getting much art done. For shame! This also means that even though I have been reading a lot about what is going on in the Los Angeles art arena, I won't be able to go visit until I get my shit together and make more art. Never fear, there is an alternative that is much cheaper and easier than a road trip: Virtual Tour via a million hyperlinks! If I was to go to LA, like, this month, this is what I would check out. This info is subject to change, and note that some of my favorite galleries are not showing work I would want to see right now.

I would go check out Ooga Booga, a tiny art and book shop in China town at 943 N. Broadway #203. I went there once with friends but I was hungry, pissy, and not at all in the spirit of digging through all the cool finds I remember them having, so I need to give them another chance.
I would try to arrange a studio visit with Alika Cooper, a great artist who went to CCA a few years back. She also shows work in the flat files of Triple Base.
I would go see Alice Neel at L.A. Louver. Read the review from the LA Times.
Dawn Clements, who makes drawings on pasted together pieces of paper, would be a good stop at ACME. I read about the show in the LA Times, and she is apparently also showing at the Whitney Biennial 2010, which is over this week.
Ooh, speaking of the LA Times, they just ripped on the upcoming Dennis Hopper show at MOCA, ribbing incoming director Jeffrey Deitch about the easy and too-quickly-put-together show of Hopper's photos, not knowing that Hopper would pass away almost in the same moment. RIP Mr. Hopper. I would go see your work. Read the piece from The LA Times.

I also would go check out Mickalene Thomas at Susanne Vielmetter because, although I am not crazy about her 70's vibe, I do like rhinestones and patterns. Read about it at Daily Serving.

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