Friday, May 7, 2010

Art in Space (For Julie)

Recently I was asked about the lack of astronauts on Artists and Astronauts, so let me explain...
When I was a punk, a million years ago, I read a quote in a book that said, "I'm an anarchist because I am angry about not being an astronaut". Ever since then I have equated the likelihood of becoming a professional artist with the chances of becoming an astronaut. In other words, incredibly hard, but not impossible! That guy who was quoted should take that chip off his shoulder.
But, specifically for my friend Julie, of the great art blog Daily Serving, I also found an awesome Spark* episode, (the KQED show I mention below in another post), about art in space. I had previously screened this episode in my "Space: One Word Many Concepts" class, (Oh, CCA). To the amusement of all students watching, Frank Pietronigro, whose company, Zero Gravity Arts Consortium, aligns artists with space researchers, gets permission from NASA to paint in zero gravity. I can't tell you any more about it because you have to see it for yourself. Please watch the Spark episode here. Happy trails, fellow artists and astronauts!

Zero Gravity Arts Consortium link here.

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