Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gigantic MFA Thesis Installation Preview!

I have been working a job as an installation prep person for the MFA Thesis 2010 show at CCA which is opening tomorrow May 6th! That means I have been sanding, scraping, painting, and lifting heavy things all in the name of help to the graduating class. Because I this I have had the special opportunity to see the spaces transform into awesome graduation exhibitions and I am so excited to see them fully finished tomorrow! Here are tons of pics of the works in progress.

A fellow prep worker and partner in crime, Radka, helps with labels for Georgia Carbone.

Paintings by Doron Fishman and stage installation by Tiger Brooke Fifer.
Installation by Sidney Russell.
The worker's eye view of piano installation by Joshua Webber and sculptures by Llewelynn Fletcher.
TV installation by Ashley Lauren Saks.
Brigid Mason sets up her paintings.
Brigid Mason outer wall.
Sean Leake starring in paintings by Sean Leake talks to Joshua Webber.
Sculpture by Llewelynn Fletcher, Llewelynn working out the kinks.
Dorathy Lye
Hyun Sun Jo and her paintings.
Eric Martin sculpture, Eric in background.
Eric Madsen
Nanci Ikejimba
Kaif Ghaznavi
Hilary Wiedemann and sculptures.
Emily Eifler checks out Mara Baldwin's paintings on wallpaper.
Little tiny Warhol piece by Sasha Krieger.
Wall by Sasha Krieger.

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  1. I don't see any astronauts here. I was promised astronauts.