Sunday, April 25, 2010

Artists I Love: Alice Neel

The NY Times featured a good article today on the legacy of artist, Alice Neel (1900-1984), and her influence on other contemporary figure painters like Elizabeth Peyton and Marlene Dumas. See it here. I love her very particular style of painting. It feels emotional, psychological, and personal. She chooses when to render details and when to leave things alone. Her line is most important, as it shows the decisions of her hand, at times truly realistic and others child-like and completely individual. And, of course she is a bad ass for doing portraits in the height of the anti-figure days of Modernism. (image sources: Google, NY Times, and Netflix)
Richard (her eldest son)
Priscilla Johnson
The Family
Todd Dominey
I got this documentary on Alice Neel from 2008 on Netflix. It was pretty illuminating. She had a very troubled early life, and her bickering family left behind were characters in themselves.