Monday, March 15, 2010

Bosnian Loot

My boyfriend and I got the chance to go to Bosnia a couple years ago. Here is some awesome loot I scored while I was there. The shoes are handmade, and the jewelry was dirt cheap! I got the gypsy tassel earrings for $2, the geode necklace for $11, and the leather bracelet for $2. The copper and enamel earrings are their traditional craft for lots of things.
At the market in Sarajevo.
I randomly stumbled upon this festival going on in the park with some traditionally dressed Catholic Bosnian dancers. I love those vests!
For some reason I was obsessed with these haystacks. Maybe it was because I was reading Anna Karenina, but they seemed so provincial and cute. All those villagers making big piles without machinery... Tolstoy would have been into it, too.
Beautiful countryside and bombed out buildings scattered around the landscape.
A Bosnian kitty wanted to come home to America!

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