Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Favorites: Issues Magazine Shop, Oakland, CA

Fun music finds.
Just look at all those fashion mags! Also available: anything from belly dancing to guns to Korean brides to video games.
Noella and Joe, photo from their website

Issues Magazine Shop, located at 20 Glen Avenue at Piedmont, Oakland, CA, is one of my favorite places in Oakland. I have lived in Oakland for almost six years but have not found very many places that I love returning to. I have found that there is a lack of ease, comfort, and friendliness in many Oakland spaces. Blame it on a hipster, from-the-middle-of-nowhere-but-now-king-of-the-mountain attitude from many young service employees and entrepreneurs, as well as a jaded, down-on-their-luck attitude from the older service employees with master's degrees waiting tables for chump change.

Regardless of the reasons, I generally find the service is Oakland to be crap and the attitudes are off the charts, but NOT at Issues! Yea, I finally found a store in my neighborhood that sells tons of great magazines, books, music, and other stuff with a pleasant and really neighborly atmosphere! Issues is run by co-owners, Joe and Noella, who do an excellent job stocking their store with enough magazines to keep every walk of life under the sun entertained. Bonus attractions are their hand-picked art, music, and pop culture books and super rare music selections. Yes, I am a magazine addict, and I spend enough time thumbing through there to be a regular, but more importantly, they make me feel like a regular, too. Go visit if you're in the Piedmont neighborhood!

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