Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Adventure

In Grad school I am constantly encouraged to think in new ways about my artwork. This fall, after discussing my earlier paintings, my professor suggested since I was so interested in painting images from fashion, we should figure out if it was the photo I was interested in or the product. He told me we were going on an art expedition to all the stores like Prada, Dior, and Barney's that I had never been in. I have been so obsessed for so long with the fashion world without ever having entered one of those hallowed houses because despite my curiosity, I knew the salespeople would see so clearly I didn't belong. Our plan was to get over my issues and try on the clothes and snap photos for diagnosis later. Here are the results.

This one is in the Louis Vuitton store. Our salesperson was a tranny with a tribal hand tattoo, so I felt a little more relaxed about being in the store. That jacket was amazing!!! (The boots are mine- Fryes that were a small fortune to my piddly pocketbook.)

Here we are in Barney's. Our salesperson sniffed us out and treated us with thinly veiled contempt for soiling this Rodarte dress with my grubby, average fingers. It didn't fit- couldn't zip up the back- but was awesome to see how such a thing was constructed out of leather and tulle.

OMG, Givenchy! This was an amazing stretchy perfection that housed my big ass like a good friend. (So much black because my dress size options were limited.) The fur was black icing on the cake. I felt like a warrior princess.

The last was is Lalala Lanvin. So amazing! The bitchy salesguy actually suggested it to me. So, what did we learn on our adventure? That the money from the next painting I sell should be spent on one of these.

I finally started getting into it with this Alaia party dress. I found the pedestal in the dressing room- they really do engineer this to be a fantasy come to life.

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  1. OH my gosh! I've always wanted to walk past bitchy sales people and try on couture dresses! You look hot in that last dress girl!