Thursday, July 1, 2010

Skyping Skowhegan

Ok, please don't get too impressed or excited for me; I am not in an East Coast artist preserve. These pics are all from my two very talented friends at the Skowhegan, Maine residency, Sarah Hotchkiss and Carmen Winant. I had the fun opportunity to interview them via Skype with the CCA blog editor Yvie Raij for the Grad{e} blog. Check out our video here!

Talking with them made me realize just what a totally crazy amazing experience it is to do a real artist residency, as opposed to locking myself in my old room at my mom's house to make work, (which I sometimes fantasize about). A residency like Skowhegan, which happens to be one of the most prestigious, occurs every summer and is also a school. As Sarah and Carmen told me, there are instructors that come to your studio, visiting artists, and weekly lectures. What might sound totally boring is super exciting to art geeks like us, who just want to stay in school and in our own heads for the rest of our lives. They also said there are tons of self-run stuff, like soccer on the lawn, boat-making, drawing groups, etc., with sixty other artists. Next to a lake and nestled in the woods, it sounds pretty much like art summer camp, which sounds pretty great to me. Congrats to Sarah and Carmen! I'm so jealous!

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