Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Art I Love: Mystery Images "Espouses Mystiques"

I found these images somewhere long ago and put them in my files. I have no idea who made them, where, or when. If I try to google the title, I just get info in another language, so they truly are mysterious. I love how these portraits (of people? royalty? saints?) have all this stuff they are holding and covered with. What do those little dolls mean? I'm way into their large circular portrait jewelry. It reminds me of those photos from Sweden of the European 60's rockabillies... they're famous and I can't remember the photographer, either. Can anyone help me out?


  1. I'm lovin u right now...

    I'm having a vague recollection of a 16th century spanish mystic nun...
    shit. i cant remember her name. she was a scholar and a mystic.
    Espouses Mystiques means "Mystic Spouses"...

    ::please hold:::

  2. Hmm OK, that sounds like a new reality show. Let me know if you ever come across anything. It's nice to chat in the nether regions of fake reality. XO