Thursday, July 22, 2010

Artists I Love: Polly Morgan

Polly Morgan by Anna Schori

Blue Fever
Si (detail)
Atrial Flutter

Art Observed posted an article about Polly Morgan's current show at Haunch of Venison recently. It's a cool article and I suggest checking it out. Morgan's London show will be up until September 25th and looks like a great reason to cross the pond, if only I had the funds. I have loved her taxidermy artwork ever since I saw it in Vogue a few years ago. She shows up in my fashion magazines on occasion because her work is beautiful and dark and she appears beautiful and, while blond, semi-dark, too. Ah, the fashion world loves to dress up a young artist. (Me next!)

It can be difficult to find images to borrow of Morgan's work. These are all from Art Observed and Google.

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