Thursday, November 25, 2010

Artists I Love: Adam Fuss

"Adam Fuss: Home and the World" showing at Timothy Taylor Gallery through January 8, 2011

I don't know a ton about British photographer Adam Fuss but I think his work is beautiful and super haunting. He is currently having a show at Timothy Taylor Gallery in London, and I would love to go. Surprisingly, sometimes you can find great stuff in your own backyard, too. I discovered that Fuss also shows at Fraenkel Gallery here in San Francisco, so perhaps I will be able to see his ghostly photograms and daguerreotypes in person one day soon.

While I am no expert on photography whatsoever, I have noticed I gravitate towards these types of photography, perhaps because the way a photogram is produced is similar to a print or painting. The image, as I understand it, is made purely with the actual object placed in emulsion and light, so film is not necessary. Daguerreotypes are very old, made with some sort of plate, and associated with images like those from the Civil War. I love the idea of making it a contemporary practice. Fuss's subject matter seems to be rather particular and quite mysterious. He uses live snakes, old dresses, and what looks like smoke or fire to make his work, giving it some sort of Southern Comfort feel, like a backwoods voodoo session. Make your way over to that side of the pond if you are able! Read Fuss interview with The Telegraph here.

From the series, My Ghost (photogravure)

Home and the World (Daguerreotype)

Untitled (pigment print)

From the series My Ghost (Unique gelatin silver print photogram mounted on muslin)

These images were taken from another gallery which represents Fuss, Cheim and Read, and google.

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