Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gallery Field Trip!

My class went on a field trip to a far and distant land... to the galleries up the street in downtown San Francico. Still, it's always fun to see some stuff you had been meaning to see because you know in your heart that you probably wouldn't have made it otherwise.

First we stopped by Baer Ridgway and saw Chris Duncan's show, which I posted about before last month here. However, since I only ducked in for a moment the first time, I didn't realize that there was a whole other floor downstairs with more art. Here's Kate experiencing that art.

Two doors down was Catherine Clark with a retrospective show of Masami Teraoka, an artist who has apparently been showing these East-meets-West provocative work since the late 60s.
This is a weaving.

Sweet watercolor

Mark, Jake, and Rachel are un-phased with the new work on gilded panels.

We headed over to Crown Point Press to see Mamma Anderson and Jokum Nordstrom's print show. The show was great and the nicest part was that they let us see the studios behind closed doors where the work is made painstakingly by master printers.

Mamma Anderson (?)

In the back room we saw some color tests for Chuck Close photo prints.

Amazing array of pigments!

We sauntered up to John Berggruen to see Chris Brown's solo show, who teaches at CCA.
A really nice room of oil paintings.

Upstairs was a group show with this John Baldessari piece.

Afterwards we went up to the 77 Geary building and checked out Michael Hall's solo show at Patricia Sweetow. I had my first show ever with Michael in the 2006 Bay Area Currents at the Oakland Art Gallery and after getting his MFA from Mills, his work has only gotten better. Congrats!
A painting of defunct old buildings and a concrete and grass sculpture.

One more painting of detritus and nature.

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