Saturday, October 2, 2010

Studio Visit: Courtney Johnson

I stepped in to my friend, Courtney Johnson 's, studio the other day when I heard giggles down the hall from my own studio at school. Courtney, who I blogged about earlier this year, is a great painter as well as avid nail salon lady. As I pulled back the curtain I discovered Courtney and my bud, Michelle, trying out a new nail technique: swirly colors. While it is just for fun for Courtney to do nails, I think her passion for nail colors is interesting in combination with her colorful and funny paintings of wild women who have stepped out of regular society. I took a few photos to update my previous post and to show how fun and amazing her studio is!

I like looking at people's collections of inspirations almost as much as their actual art. Look at this pile of good stuff: fashion photos based on the movie "Badlands", a National Geographic on sheep herders, a Miss America photo, and a French movie called "The Wild Child".

Paintings of wild, strange women in progress.

Courtney and a finished piece behind her inspired by beauty pageants.

Her super cool gold docking shoes.

Some of her awesome collection of nail colors!

Michelle getting her nails did.

Pretty spectacular! (The process involves cups of water and enamel swirled together with your fingers covered in vasoline and dipped in and then cleaned up). Well done, ladies!

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