Friday, September 3, 2010

Nevada City Escape Part II

Marissa and I spent the next part of our weekend exploring a little more of downtown Nevada City, or as we would have called it back when I was a teenager, "town". I spent many an evening loitering on these sidewalks and stoops years ago.

We went inside a cafe I remember very well , Cafe Mekka, to get some refreshments. The ice tea made Marissa a little fidgety.

The decor inside has hardly changed at all.

I have always loved this wallpaper .

Next we sauntered up the street to the world renowned DeGroot truffle shop. It was overwhelming!

Coffee and truffles: what more could a girl ask for?

We went for a walk near my mom's house with the dogs as the day warmed up.

My mom has a ridiculous tether leash to keep her little dogs together so we we brought it and laughed as they pulled each other along like tiny huskies.

I checked out some beauty in our natural surroundings like this moss.

These leaves covered the ground. All the dots reminded me of watercolor spots on paper.

My mom got lonely and came to find us and made us pose for pictures.

As a special bonus, my sister brought her midget "Munchkin" kitties to visit!
After a luxurious weekend filled with bread, cheese, crepes, truffles, river rocks, languid hours, pine-scented air, funny dogs, and adorable cats it was time to go home. Back to reality, and back to school!

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