Friday, September 3, 2010

Nevada City Escape Part 1

I went to Nevada City, CA to visit my mom and make some work just a few weeks ago, so it felt weird to be going back up to visit again. However, the end of summer was approaching dangerously fast and I had yet to go jump in any body of water, so I brought my pal Marissa to come see what this part of California was all about and told her to bring a swimsuit. Unfortunately, it was a cold, early fall weekend and we spent our time exploring the other delights of the small gold mining town I grew up in.

We were just in time to check out the Nevada City Craft Fair, housed in this building, The Miner's Foundry, where I also had my Senior Prom and first punk show, AFI. The town multi-tasks like that.

Inside we found lots of little trinkety things where I scored a sweet black crucifix ring to add to my goth collection.

We also found the local farmer's market, where we got all sorts of good stuff and some flowers for my mom.

Then we went to check out the Yuba River. Even in the overcast gray it was still pretty.

Marissa is making some labor-intensive, realistic dioramas of cool outdoor settings with herself inside and she found some weird moss to bring back home.

We decided to explore the river at the bottom of many treacherous trails. We picked one with a really cool looking rock at the bottom and rode our butts down the dirt path to get there.

There it is! Doesn't it look like it should be called "Devil's Mouth" or something?

These giant rocks were so amazing, thinking about the giant glaciers and massive torrents that had formed them.

Some of the terrain was straight out of a Star Trek set, right?

Marissa on a fool's mission for gold.

If only a sunny day...

We threw rocks across the river into the hole and made wishes.

The scene from above.


  1. thanks for not exposing the internet to the picture you took of my pants being too low in the back...