Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Art Season Begins: A Whirlwind Weekend Part 1

San Francisco often collectively decides to flood the Bay Area art community with openings on the same day. This last week, starting with September 9, was exceptional in that the city was packed with openings all weekend long. As September is the traditional start of the art world races, the custom was true to form and not only were there many openings but there were tons of good art to be seen. Welcome back, San Francisco, from your summer vacations and languid lounging!

Elisheva Biernoff, "Folly" at Triple Base through October 10.
I checked out Elisheva Biernoff's solo show at Triple Base with some friends. I forgot my camera so I took photos with my fancy new iphone. I'm still learning, but they came out OK.

Here's the scene inside.

Cute Triple Base ladies, Joyce and Dina, in equally cute dresses.

I tried to get some good shots of Elisheva's installation of a crumbling wall painted in painstaking detail with video set inside a window. However, it was so packed I couldn't get a good picture of the piece as a whole. Her painting style, mostly in goache or acrylic, was so immaculate in pattern symmetry and consistency it almost resembled a laminated wallpaper.

Elisheva also paints postcards front and back, depicting traveler narratives, which were set up in the back room.

Some wallpaper-like patterns.

There was also fake "debris" made from paper and painted objects on the floor to go with her beautiful atrophied theme.
I ran into some of my fave art buds, Justin Olerud and Kara Joslyn.

Ruth Laskey at Ratio 3 through October 23

We also saw Ruth Laskey's amazing hand-dyed weavings at Ratio 3. What a craftswoman! I asked Ruth about her process and it takes her almost a month to complete one piece. I love her use of geometry in such an unexpected, homespun way. Her color palettes are quite exceptional, too.

The scene at Ratio 3.

See how amazing they are?

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