Thursday, June 17, 2010

VLADA the Creepy Chameleon and Richard Prince

Richard Prince, (above) "Untitled (four single men with interchangeable backgrounds looking to the right)," 1977. Mixed media on paper. Courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

A little while ago I realized how weird it was to compare photos of the same model, ala Richard Prince's early collages of male models. It's uncanny enough to see how we change in photos throughout time, but a model must be able to morph constantly to be employable in a single season. I started collecting these images from, (where you can search for a certain person), of one of my favorite models, Vlada. I love her because she often has this vampiresque dark circles under her eye thing, which along with her name, makes her kinda creepy; a more inhuman sort of model than the others. I really don't know what to do with my collection of Vladas. I might do some paintings, but I'm just going to hang on to them for now.

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