Monday, June 21, 2010

OMG: The Lab's Fifth Annual Striptease Fashion Show

I was invited by my friend, Mary Anne Kluth, The Lab's Gallery and Events Manager, to show my work in their annual fundraiser, "Threadbare". What I didn't know was that the fundraiser is actually an annual fashion romp where the models take off their auctioned clothes right in front of the audience. This year's theme was "Boylesque", and there were plenty of them.
Just the beginning.
The audience
Wait for it...
Hello Castro!
There were girls
And crocheted bikinis
I kinda wanted this necklace
Red leather anyone?
The show draws to a close
Mark and Michelle, soon to be married, had a perfect bachelor/bachelorette party without even trying!
And she got this sweet vintage hat for the big day. All in all, a success! Never mind that painting.

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