Thursday, February 2, 2012

See You in Charleston?

Quite randomly, a while ago I stumbled upon a little busy beehive of wedding activity with my lovely friends, Seth and Julie of the world-class art blog, Daily Serving.  I found them inside the CCA letterpress studio on a Saturday, harnessing the print shop skills of our buddy, Rachel, like you would harness the electricity from solar panels to light up your house.  Your house of love.
A mutual friend and fellow CCA Alum, Rachel is our go-to lady for all printing needs, with a pretty amazing emerging art career you can check out for yourself:  You might also remember when I used her know-how for my own art project in the screen printing room that I put on the blog.
Seth and Julie, two terribly adorable Southern kids from South Carolina, are getting married this summer in Charleston, and I found them making their save-the-date announcements the really old fashioned way: one at a time, on the letterpress, with a little Rachel Foster flash.   I had never seen the letterpress technique in action, nor been in the letterpress studio, so I took the opportunity to check things out while all three of them cut, inked, and sorted things.  As Nirvana's Bleach played in the background, I took some pictures and sipped my coffee and made absolutely no attempt to help.  What a jerk.

Some inked cards, still waiting for a special Rachel imprint.
Julie, hard at work feeding cards into the roller- Is that what it's called?
True love means slaving away together.
I loved all the little letter stamps all over the studio.  And this creative print in red ink.

Rachel as Vanna White.
I got one in the mail a few weeks ago, and here it is on the fridge.  It says, "true love, like ghosts, often spoken of, rarely seen".  See you in Charleston?

Congratulations Seth and Julie!

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