Monday, March 7, 2011

Screen Printing!

My friend, Rachel, and I did some screen-printing the other day, and against all odds, we did OK!  Rachel is actually a pretty skilled printmaker, but I have the experience of one who stayed in the painting room all the time: zero.  I have been trying to figure out some new techniques to make some elaborate headdress paintings faster, so I enlisted Rachel to help me figure some stuff out in the screen printing room.  What I wanted to do ended up being complicated- though it looks so simple- so we kinda just winged it with some tape and a prayer.  I think we made a good start to a new piece thanks to some pretty sweet teamwork.  The two-color, quadruple print is the beginning of a new drawing, and I can't help but think of two major influences that it reminds me of:  punk rock and Andy Warhol.

Rachel knows her stuff
Me, so proud of ourselves
Sex Pistols:  "God Save the Queen"
One of  Warhol's "Marilyn" series
(The bottom two images from google)

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