Saturday, September 3, 2011


Welcome to Bosnia (again)!
As my post below explains, I took a much-needed relaxing vacation to Bosnia this summer.  Here are some things I found striking in their cultural richness and unexpected variety, through the lens of an American artist on vacation.
A 500-year-old mosque
I love the details on these buildings
Reminder of the war- have you seen a shell-blast before?  These buildings were everywhere, but quickly being re-developed.
A shiny, state-of-the-art mall in Sarajevo
Those stone walls are the original, centuries-old mall
Graffiti is huge
My boyfriend's great-grandmother!
His great-grandfather was a kind of aristocrat and here is his  adjutant
Gorgeous mountain scenery everywhere
Village life- my boyfriend's cousin's second home
He bought this "village house" for $25,000!
I was totally obsessed with these gnome hut-like haystacks everywhere
A village
Back in Sarajevo- some art nouveau
We found this great art cafe called the Goldfish
It's bohemian insides
Where else can you get 40 homemade cookies for $10?
A fair came to town- here is my boyfriend's cousin and his baby Mirza, who at age one had a better Bosnian vocabulary.
There was really dramatic weather a lot of the time.  Here the heavens are opening up.
In our Sarajevo apartment, remnants of a grenade blast
I said goodbye to my sweet boyfriend.
When I came home I gave my dad a fez.

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