Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Southern Exposure Annual Auction: MEGA MEGA MEGA

I was asked to participate in Southern Exposure's annual auction, "Mega Mega Mega" on May 9, to support the grandaddy of all Bay Area non-profits.  So Ex is a long-running and highly supportive answer to a lot of Bay Area art needs;  providing shows, jobs, and financial support through grants.  I knew that the day of the event it would be super crowded, so another artist participant, Libby Black, and I decided to venture over to Southern Exposure earlier in the week to preview the show.  It was nice to be able to take in everything in the open space and figure out what we would bid on if we had the cash.   For the collector, the auction is a great opportunity to find all your local favorites at cheaper prices, and with silent and live sections, you can choose to beat out challengers quietly or with the excitement of a crowd.  Visit Southern Exposure's website to view all the works available.

A smattering of local and diverse works hung floor to ceiling.

A small Welly Fletcher sculpture.

A blue Jonathan Runcio painting above and a Libby Black portrait of Richard Avedon below.

Hard to get a good shot through the glass of Marci Washington's severed head and a Futurefarmers photo.

I like this Erik Scollon ceramic chastity thing.

Libby in the quiet, open space.

That's my piece, "Tilda", and a pretty sweet Anthony Discenza sign about kittens to the left.

Scene change:  Libby and another auction artist, Hilary Pecis on the night of the auction.

The massive crowd gathered around the action and the auctioneer.

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