Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Open Studios 2011 Part III

Like I said in Open Studios Parts I and II below, there were lots of studios to peruse during the CCA Open Studios on April 10.  Here is my final lot of pictures from all the talented and versatile mix of grads I am happy to go to school with, and these are only about half of them! (And again, please note there may be some studios in states of storage as we had to move everything from the storage room before I could take some of the pictures).

Rachel Foster's selection of screenprints in her flat file.
Sita Bhaumik's studio with powdered sugar welcome mat.
Sita's smell concoctions, designed to invoke nostalgia. 
Kate Nichols's studio as lab: she is currently making mirror, color nanoparticles, and other experiments/art with the help of UC Berkeley.
Jillian Clark uses her studio as a giant installation made simply from blue chalk and string.
Rebecca Goldstein's painting on painting.
A James Coquia sculpture/apple core holder.
C. Wright Daniel's photogram of folded paper, creating a tromp l'oeil of folds in the photo. 
Johanna Friedman's textile works, complete with woven TVs.
Mark Taylor's personal screen printing studio lair.
Mark Taylor screenprints of wear patterns on records.
Angus Haller screenprint installation of visual noise.
Sarah Thibault's classy red wall and paintings, (and unfortunately storage).
Jonathan Wallraven's studio installation of high school-era social critiques.
Jonathan's wall detail. 
A nice Liam Everett painting. 
Madiha Siraj's paint swatch installation insanity.
After it was all over we had a BBQ.

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