Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grad School: One Month In

I have been thinking about my life in Graduate School as it draws closer towards the end.  It's a strange feeling to be so comfortable yet so restrained- it's somewhat like being a prisoner and yet as free as I'll ever be.  What has been great, among many things, are the friends I have made, the art connections, and the breakthroughs.  What can be hard to swallow is leaving ego at the door and taking the advice of others when you are used to being an adult and making completely independent decisions about what you do in your life.  In school, there are advisors, and in life there are none; it's both a blessing and a curse to have so much input.  Knowing when I graduate there will be a limited amount of conversations about anything related to art, as well as less time to relax, I have been trying to appreciate the days left and to make account of the little things I'm sure I will miss.  Here are some photos of the past month of school, in our last semester at CCA.

Doing the hard part- the thesis.

The other work- the art.

Breakfast with my bosses and co-hort, Marissa!

Some sweet California January reading weather.  (That's the garden I grew, BTW)

Sitting around, playing Scrabble-ish "Bananagrams"

An opening event at "Fishspace" in the grad building featuring tons of arcade games.

Arcade action shot.

Courtney and Mark hanging out in my studio.
More hanging out in my studio with Natasha and Steph.

Even more hanging out with Jake, Courtney, and Adair.

Taking a break from school: checking out Jim Fairchild (Natasha's beau)'s solo act, "All Smiles".
Another break: checking out Lanvin necklaces at Barney's.
Opening at the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art.

Natasha and I trying to escape to the ballet on student tickets- too late for the show!

Escaping again, with Rachel, to the top of the Mountainview Cemetery. 
From today- another opening at the Wattis: Steph, me, Maysha, Natasha, and Marcella.

Here's to more art, beauty, fashion, and lounging after school ends, even if they are all harder to come by.

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  1. Graduations are bittersweet events we have to take part in this life. This made me remember my last semester in college. It was, indeed, the most awesome time of my life. I still miss my care-free days now that I am working in the bustling metropolitan jungle. I wish you luck after grad school and keep making those lovely artworks!

    -Stephania Eckstrom