Sunday, December 4, 2011

CCA in the Hallway

One of the things I do at work at an art school is hang a weekly show of student artwork from different painting classes in the nave of the building.  It's just a hallway, but it gets a lot of traffic so it can be exciting to open up what's going on in the Painting Department to the rest of the school.  What has been surprising to a lot of people is the quality of the student work.  I happened to take some pictures of the mostly graduate work from an interdisciplinary summer studio class in New York led by Jovi Schnell and I thought they were great pieces to post.  The hallway doesn't do them the justice a gallery wall would, but you get the idea.

Paitning by Rebekah Goldstein
Some awesome figures by Bruna Massadas 
An embroidered and beaded sculpture by Max Esplin and a small painting by Jake Ziemann
Little black paper box/paintings by undergrad Meg Kenny and a smart abstract "painting" by Melissa Dickenson which is made up of wrapped clear plastic over stretcher bars to create the illusion of an a painted surface.

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